ATACR 7-35x56mm ZeroStop .250 MOA Digillum Centre only Illumin MOAR T (C626)

Building a high-magnification riflescope that delivers razor-sharp imaging across the entire zoom range is not easy. Fortunately, it is a technological challenge we've mastered in our ATACR™ 7-35x56 riflescopes. 

The brilliance and clarity that only the finest ED glass can provide is matched with the virtually indestructible construction that characterises all of our ATACR riflescopes, resulting in what is, quite simply, the most precise, powerful instrument for extended-range shooting money can buy.


"The best scope I own. Debated on reticles for a while and ultimately went with the MOAR-T because I'm used to MOA. Fine lines make finding the centre of the target easy. Since I shoot benchrest and F Class, I typically run the scope at full magnification so a second FP scope was ideal." Jeff.


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