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Team Hardy Rifle


Ian Hughes Team Hardy Rifle

2023 (to date) - Winner

2023 (to date) - Second

Nightforce Remarkables 1200 yd Challenge

Sparrowhawk Teams Match

Ultimate Hunter

King of the Range - 338 & Under


Alpine Long Range

Nightforce Remarkables .22 Quickdraw

King of the Range Overall


2023 (to date) - Third

Section 22 South Island Rimfire


2022 - Winner

Kahles South Island PRS Match

Alpine Long Range Teams Match

Desert Dual Teams Match


2022 - Third

Ahititi Barrel Burner

Boundary Creek Classic

NZ PRS Spring Match


2022 - Second

Sparrowhawk King of the Range

Ahititi Long Range Challenge 223 Match

NZ PRS Autumn Blaze

NZ PRS Winter Mayhem

Sparrowhawk Teams Match

Section 22 South Island 22 Series

Boundary Creek Grey Ops PRS Match


2021 - Winner

South Island PRS Grand Aggregate Cup

Hautapu Practical Rifle Match

Ahititi Long Range Challenge

Mountain Challenge PRS Match

Alpine Long Range Magnum Match

Sparrowhawk Teams Match

Tarata Teams Match


2021 - Third

2021 - Second

Kahles South Island PRS Match

Boundary Creek Encore

Section 22 South Island Rimfire Series


Sparrowhawk PRS

Section 22 South Island Rimfire Final


Alpine Long Range -  by Ian, 09.11.23

Last weekend I competed at the Alpine Long Range match held on the Montrose Estate in the South Island. I placed 2nd shooting with my Hardy Project-X 6.5PRC.
Congratulations to Hardy team mate Fraser Mackenzie on taking the win.

A big thank you to our new sponsor SWAZI clothing for providing NZ made quality garments. The Forest pants with the padded knees are amazing.

Also was great to have my parents come to their first match and see what it is all about, thanks to them for their support.

@hardy_rifle Project-X rifle.
@mdttac21 ACC Elite chassis.
@nightforceanz ATACR 7-35.
@customscopeturrets comp turret.
@swaziapparel Forest pants.
@hornadygear 153 Atips projectile.

Ian Hughes Team Hardy Rifle
Ian Hughes Team Hardy Rifle
Ian Hughes Team Hardy Rifle

Nightforce Remarkables 2023, Queenstown -  by Ian, 27.09.23

A big weekend in the South Island at the Nightforce Remarkables Match. Friday we had the 22 rimfire 10 position 10 targets speed challenge. Based on fastest time to hit all the targets. I was happy with my 3rd place as couldn’t go much faster and still hit the targets.

We started Saturday with a 1200 yard elimination challenge. It was quickly down to only a few of us and I was lucky to pick up on a little wind change and take the win with the 300 Norma Magnum Improved.

The rest of the day was a 100 round PRM match and I finished up 4th. Sunday was a similar match but for 223 calibre only and again I placed 4th.

Congratulations to my Hardy team mate Anthony Collie on his outstanding shooting to take the wins in the other 3 match’s.
Big thanks to Adam Hill and Fraser Mackenzie for putting this match on and all the sponsors for there prizes."

Screenshot 2023-09-27 at 4.14.52 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-09-27 at 4.15.03 PM.png

Section 22 South Island Rimfire Match -  by Ian, 19.04.23


A few weeks back I shot the Section 22 South Island rim fire match. Moved the Vodoo into the MDT HNT26 and used a lighter contour Hardy barrel to make it lighter as the course had lots of movement and unsupported shooting in it.

Was very close at the end with Anthony and Nick tied on 130 impact’s and me with 129.They had a shoot off with Nick taking out the Win Anthony 2nd and me in 3rd.

Big thanks to Blair from Section 22 for putting on match and Sparrowhake for the great range venue.

Ian Hughes Team Hardy Rifle
Hardy Rifle
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