Hardy Rifle Hybrid and Custom Rifles


Please note: Rifles & ammunition cannot be purchased via our online store. If you see something you like or have any questions, please contact us

Hybrid, Project X, and custom rifle orders can be placed at any time.

Don't wait for one to become available here, give us a call so we can get your rifle build underway!

Project X 300 PRC Ad copy.jpg
Project X 6mm Creed Ad copy.jpg
Project X 6.5 prc copy.jpg
2Q7A2736 copy.jpg
Hybrid 6.5PRC copy.jpg
Hybrid Dusky 6.5PRC.jpg
300WM 26.jpg
7MM RM 24 LH.jpg
Hybrid 6mm Creedmoor
Money Shot WITH TEXT.jpg
Hardy Rifle Custom Tikka
Hybrid 24inch.jpg
Tikka T3x
Money Shot WITH TEXT.jpg
Money Shot WITH TEXT.jpg
308Win 20.jpg
Tikka 6.5 20 inch.jpg
Hybrid 7mm rem mag.jpg
Hardy Rifle shaped black.png